Honeywell High Performance Lubricant for WPC floor production(PVC)  
2017.3.21  14:00~16:00
E4M26 meeting room

Honeywell A-C® and Rheochem TM lubricants have been supplied in PVC industry over 50 years. Reduce Plate out and scrap ratio、Smart lubricant solution for formulation design、Reduce overall cost and improve production efficiency、Increase quality consistence、Wider Processing Window.






Flooring Testing & Certification Services Forum
2017.3.22  14:00~16:30
E4-M25 meeting room

Introduction of SGS & Hardgoods Lab—SGS, Hardlines , Sales Manager, Luke Wang
Introduction of the EPA /CARB Certification —SGS ,Hardlines, Product Certification Manager, Donna Gu
Global Flooring Chemical Testing Trend Introduction—SGS, Hardlines, Senior Chemical Technical Consultant, Land Jiang
Introduction of the Slipperiness Testing of Flooring—SGS, Hardines, Senior Technical Consultant, Tonny Yu
Introduction of the Fire Safety Regulation of Flooring—SGS, Fire Technology Services, Technical Manager, Andy Liu