The Global Market At Your Doorstep

Chances are you’re buying and selling products that are sourced from all over the world, and that’s true whether you’re a distributor, a retailer or even a manufacturer. Cork from Portugal. Ceramic tiles from Italy and Spain. Laminate and locking systems from Europe. Exotic wood species from Brazil. LVT and machine made rugs from China. 

These contributions from different countries, each with its own unique expertise, capabilities and cultures, are what have helped fuel product development, innovation and fashion as it relates to flooring. And we’ve all been the beneficiaries of it. 

That’s one reason we’ve dedicated so much coverage in this issue to the World Marketplace. We wanted to give voice to the many important suppliers and developments that are shaping our industry just the same way we did for U.S.-based manufacturing community in our Made in America issue. Another reason is that it’s just plain exciting to see what happens when you bring all of these influences together. And there’s no better place for that to happen than the many international trade shows that focus beyond their own local geography to serve global markets. 

Come January, we’ll see exhibitors from more than 100 countries all gather at Domotex in Hanover, Germany where the spotlight will shine on new products and services as well as innovations in manufacturing on display for buyers from all over the planet. 

Later, at Domotex/Asia in Shanghai we’ll see prototypes that one day will quite literally be the newest thing on your showroom floor — you can’t help but think of the innovations we’ve seen in LVT or today’s newly emerging WPC products that are coming out of this region as prime examples. 

Here at home, even Surfaces has its own international draw in terms of both exhibitors and buyers. And of course, the ceramic tile shows — from Coverings to Cersaie to Cevisama — are the embodiment of international trade events.

These great shows all share one thing in common: great product made in all different parts of the world presented to buyers from just as many countries. 

To me, that is one of the most exciting parts of our industry. Remember how much excitement laminate created in the industry when it was new? Retailers couldn’t wait to get on board and sell this stuff. It was new. It was fun. It was exciting. And it was profitable. It was even inspiring. 

Today there is just as much inspiration to be had as in those early days of laminate. For this issue, I’ve personally spoken to three people involved in either buying or selling for global events and you could hear the excitement, the pride, the anticipation in their voices. 

It’s a great big world out there and, at least in flooring, you can bring it all right to your own front door.

Source: (published on 27th Oct 2014)