GreenStep Asia Awards 2016

The 4th Green Step Asia Awards in cooperation with Floor Covering Weekly gave flooring exhibitors a chance to showcase their sustainable development at all levels. The competition open to any manufacturer in the world who has manufacturing facilities in Asia, after a careful selection by an international authoritative and unbiased jury, comprised of Santiago Montero - Publisher & Editor in Chief of Floor Covering Weekly, Michael Martin -- President & CEO of the National Wood Flooring Association, Paul Kiely of the Australian Timber Flooring Association (ATFA), Jim Gould -President of the Floor Covering Institute, Ar. Mohd Zulhemlee bin An – President of the Malaysia Institute of Architects, Shantikumar Mansabdar – Publisher of The Wood Portal and Lucy Upward- Editor of Hali Publications, reached to a final list of winners in all award categories. Weihai Shanhua Carpet Group took the trophy for the Green Pinnacle category and Zhejiang Xingyue Carpet Industry was announced the winner of the Green Product. Zhejiang Kingdom Plastics were announced both the winner of Green Process category and honorable mention of Green Product category. Other honorable mentions were Beamy International for the Green Pinnacle category and Novalis Innovative Flooring for the Green Product category.


At DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2016, 6 main green initiatives were officially awarded by a jury of experts from some of the most influential associations and media in the industry.

The winners for each catagory were:

1. Product category

    This category includes any product that is sustainable and eco-friendly.


    Winner: "GAL" by Zhejiang Xingyue Carpet Industry Co.,Ltd



    Honorable Mention: "Polyvinyl Chloride Polymer and Cork Granules Integrated Floor Panel" by Novalis Innovative Flooring


     Honorable Mention: "Benzene-free&biodegradalbe vinyl floor" by Zhejiang Kingdom Plastics Industry Co., Ltd


2.  Green Process

     This category includes any practice or process improvement that reduces negative environmental impact or promotes 



     Winner: "Persevere in green production and realize eco-friendly environment" by Zhejiang Kingdom Plastics Industry Co., Ltd



3. Pinnacle

    This category includes a person or company that has gone above and beyond professional duty and industry norms, 

    benefitting the flooring industry with personal and/or professional leadership in the area of environmental sustainability.


    Winner: "Shanhua carpets in all the best places" by Weihai Shanhua Carpet Group Co., Ltd.