A New Twist On Locking System

[Willemstad, Curacao] There’s a new locking system that claims to make installation easier, production faster and all at a cheaper price, according to John Rietveldt, CEO, Innovations4Flooring.

The new TripleLock and Click4U locking systems, he claimed, have already been granted patents for the U.S., Europe and China and has already attracted two licensees to be announced shortly. U.S. product is expected sometime in the first half of 2015. 

Rietveldt, formerly a global executive at Tarkett, is confident his new products will find their place in an already crowded market.

“With some important patents soon to expire, our drop lock one piece offers the industry a faster, more cost-effective way to manufacture,” he said. 

TripleLock is his company’s drop locking system while Click4U is a combination of drop lock and the more traditional angle/angle system.

“The locking system landscape will center around the short side going forward,” he said. “I believe the drop lock is the best system for the short side and that the angle/angle system is best for the long side.”

Rietveldt highlighted three major points that make his product stand out: a better locking system for the short end of the board that is also easy to install; a simplified manufacturing process that allows product to continue to move at high speeds through the line without disruption; and a lower licensing cost.

“The combination of all three gives us a strong position that manufacturers are responding to very positively,” he said. “When we talk about innovation, at the end of the day, the customer has to win.”

Both systems have been tested with laminate, engineered wood, LVT and WPC products. 

When asked about impending litigation, Rietveldt said he recognizes that it is a concern for potential buyers but that he is working through those issues with them. “We did a phenomenal amount of due diligence ourselves. We know we are in a very strong legal position. Our biggest job is to protect our customers and so we have a legal strategy to protect them against litigation.”

Source: www.floorcoveringweekly.com (published on 27th Oct 2014)