Rug Star 锦地坊

Jürgen Dahlmanns, Head and Creative Head, Rug Star 锦地坊

Rug Star is one of the most innovative rug companies in the world today. The company's designs are wide-reaching in scope and creativity with high quality at the heart of everything the firm produces. Last year Jürgen Dahlmanns released his new high-end tufted carpet collection, which is made in China. RUG STAR TUFT offers qualities to the customer that have not previously been seen in tufting, quite a feat!




1. How would you summarize the range or ranges of rugs that your brand produces?

RUG STAR is breath-taking, good looking, innovative and loving in every aspect of our work.
We stand for the art of craftsmanship in hand-knotted Tibetan and Persian rugs and we believe in the beauty of quality in material and production. We have no boarders, but have the brave heart to build bridges between various cultures and product ranges.

Our latest innovation is the RUG STAR TUFT range, which we are proud to produce in China. A truly new and valuable product range to show contemporary rug art at its best.


2. How would you describe the style behind your brand? What makes it stand out from other brands?

RUG STAR's style is the quality, with quality comes awareness in the production process and this leads to consistent beauty. Quality is the mantra and the signature of RUG STAR, it connects with other people and projects who believe in beauty. Beauty in craftsmanship is the result of hard work and we love to work hard to astonish the people who believe in RUG STAR's work.


3. Where are your carpets made?

We have an anniversary coming up this year, as it was 15 years ago that RUG STAR started innovating and producing contemporary rug art in the Himalaya mountains in Nepal, close to the Chinese boarder. In Nepal our work focuses on the ancient craftsmanship of the Tibetan hand-knotted weave. But my curiosity never stopped, so we also produce the finest Persian weave rugs in the pink city of Jaipur in North India. We are very proud that for a year we have also been producing our luxury tufted collection in China.


4. Who designs your rugs and what has been the inspiration behind some of the latest collections?

Most of the iconic pieces RUG STAR is known for I designed myself but we have a great source of talent within our team and an amazing circle of friends who are artists. So the designs are a result of that energy and the people who are RUG STAR.


5. What is the secret of a successful carpet?

A successful carpet is an object which touches the heart of the people who look at it and at the same time can solve the architectural needs of the space where it is used. A carpet has a strong architectural dimension, as a trained architect I have been aware of that from the beginning and it is a perspective I never forget while I design.


6. Which one of your rugs is your favorite and why?
This is hard to decide as by now we have more than 1200 design in the running collection and I love them all. 


7. Are your designs already stocked in China or anywhere in Asia? If not how important is it to you that they are in the future?

RUG STAR is very well-known and respected within the Chinese market. Our Chinese name is 锦地坊 and in 2016 we opened two new showrooms in Beijing and Shanghai. Both showrooms carry an excellent range of only the best rugs we every produced and is already very popular within the design community in China, so it is definitely worth visiting. We have big goals for China and beside Domotex Asia we are also participating in the Guangzhou furniture fair 18-20 March 2017 and the Shanghai furniture fair 12-15 September 2017.


8. What new collections are you working on for the future?

We will keep you astonished, that is for sure. Our designs Hummingbird No. 02 and No. 05 will have their first official launch two fairs in China in March and we will also present a strong new collection titled Rooster, to value and celebrate the Chinese year of the Rooster. Rooster is a powerful collection, I am very happy with the results we achieved. I am already working on the new innovations for our RUG STAR TUFT range. After the fairs in March I will visit the production in China to bring the new ideas on the loom.