W.F. Taylor Introduces Acous-Tec Liquid Underlayment

W.F. Taylor Co., Inc. (Taylor) proudly announced a unique industry breakthrough product, Acous-Tec Sound Reducing Liquid Underlayment Patch and Leveler; patent pending. Taylor Acous-Tec Sound Reducing Liquid Underlayment Patch and Leveler is designed for all floating floor systems (vinyl tile/plank, laminate and wood) to reduce sound transmission.

Taylor Acous-Tec Technology currently exists in Taylor MS-Plus Resilient Adhesive as a feature and benefit for the installer. Because of MS-Plus Resilient’s phenomenal success with lowering sound transmission, installers led Taylor to see the need for a liquid sound barrier product that doesn’t exist on the market, according to the company. “By popular demand Taylor now is announcing our first underlayment, Acous-Tec, as its own stand-alone product,” Jack Raidy, CEO and president of Taylor, explained. 

“It is a perfect product for both commercial installers and retail DIYers. Simply trowel the low VOC and UL GREENGUARD certified liquid underlayment, watch it self-level and rapidly cure, then install the floating floor on top of the underlayment all in the same day. Whether it is used in a high rise apartment building or a consumer’s home, it will dramatically reduce sound and quiet your floor,” Barry Wright, vice president of Taylor, said.

As a superior replacement to sound reducing rolled felt, foam, rubber or other composite underlayments on the market, the liquid is easy to install. According to Taylor, it easily fits any room and has a rapid one-hour cure time. When fully cured it covers the floor as a completely sealed, leveled and flat durable membrane. 

This product will be installed at the 2015 Surfaces Taylor trade show booth B4215. Taylor invites attendees to come by and hear the quiet floors for themselves. 
Source: http://www.fcw1.com  (Released on 15th December 2014)