Hand- made carpets are coming back. Created over 2,500 years ago out of necessity, over generations, they have evolved from domestic usage accessories into artistic forms. Handmade rugs are manually processed with the ancient art of knotting and weaving. Each individual knot is hand crafted by skilled humans. These traditional methods help produce exquisite and lasting carpets and rugs that reflect rich textures and vivid coloring. Hand-made rugs are made from natural materials such as wool, silk, jute and cotton and are characterized by durability, practicality and longevity. Therefore they are deemed valuable and seen as an investment in a piece of art. 

Hand-made carpet sales are increasing their share in the Chinese residential markets as a result of the increasing wealth and quality of life among people who live in China. Therefore, this sector has been growing very fast at DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR. Producers from some of world’s most renown countries of origin, such as Iran, India, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal, etc. exhibit a large variety of carpets and rugs in the dedicated hand-made carpet hall W5. The carpet InnovAction area, with displays of the latest products and designs, located in hall W2, will give you the information you need to update your customers on the latest trends.


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