Collocated Shows

Tomorrow Show

Tomorrow Show is an architectural design exhibition, gathering new international building materials, new technologies, new production process and new application products, and integrating high-end brands of global way of life and crossover pioneers. The exhibition integrates the architecture with technology and art with a unique forward-looking perspective, creating a new era of architectural design.


Aiming to become the "trendsetter of Asia workspace industry", WORKSPACE 2019 collects and exhibits global elite office furniture, lighting products, health and wellness solutions, technologies and software systems. Additionally, it provides world-class total solutions, and offers manufacturers, dealers, distributors, import and export merchants, architects, designers and enterprise end- users a comprehensive platform to showcase brands, uncover business opportunities, and exchange ideas.


Cadex is an international event for material suppliers, manufacturers, architects, designers, real estate professionals, contractors, traders and end users to connect with the most innovative and successful products on the market. Cadex aims to be the premier platform for connecting, learning and doing business in the design and architecture industry. 

Ceramic & Stone Design Asia  

CERSDA is a targeted, forward-looking design exhibition tailored to high-end ceramic tiles and stone brands. The show is committed to building a display platform for global luxury ceramic tiles and stone brands to share new products, new designs and new application methods. Domestic and foreign experts, industry elite, architects and designers gather together to exchange industry insights, sharing innovative product research results, analysis of future design trends, and exploring high-tech solutions and applications.


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