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About Wood Flooring Forum 2016

The report released by China National Forest Products Industry Association (NFPIA) really shed the light on status quo of China wood flooring market. The report showed that compare with end of last century, the Chinese average expenditure in home decoration increased for 5 times, but its spending in wood flooring product increased for 1.5 times only.

Meanwhile, production and sales of wood flooring in 2015 barely reached 4 hundred million square meters which is far less than 7.4 billion square meters made by ceramic tile. The dramatic decrease in price and quantity reflect adverse circumstance which China wood flooring industry has been suffering with.

In contrast to that China’s raising middle and upper classes are already buying more AUDI than anywhere in the world. Their growing taste for interior home décor is expected to create a similar, new demand for wood flooring as well.

Forest resource was seen as another strategic resource beside oil and mineral due to its rarity and almost non renewability.

How to reflect the true value of wood flooring product, regain lost market and obtain new customers are the key issues that industrial players must deal with.

With this backdrop, CNFPIA associated with VNU asia will host Wood Flooring Forum, International Flooring Summit 2016. In March 21st, 2016, many specialists and representatives of authoritative flooring organization will gather in Shanghai to foresee the future development trend of flooring industry

New for 2016:

  • Report on 2015 China’s wood flooring industry
  • Report on overseas brands’ sales performance in China in 2015
  • What marketing and policy environment are required by “everlutional flooring product”?
  • How does convergence of “China’s Supply-side Reform” and “Internet Plus” totally change China’s wood flooring industry?
  • China’s and its overseas partners are acting for providing best quality of flooring products to China’s and overseas customers: Toxic flooring incident hurt both producer’s and end user’s markets, but let we put dispute aside this time and discuss the possibility of building the coalition among CNFPIA and overseas counterparts to prevent similar disputes from happening again.
  • Raising awareness and promote the use of wood flooring among customers: CNFPIA has launched a campaign giving flooring companies a same identity to promote wood flooring as a first choice when customers have decoration need. What is the status quo of this campaign and what overseas societies do in promoting the usage of wood flooring among customers?

Who Should Attend?

  • Person in Charge of Production and Operation of Flooring Company
  • Person in Charge of Importing and Exporting of Flooring Company
  • Person in Charge of Supply Chain Management of Flooring Company
  • Person in Charge of R&D Centre of Flooring Company
  • Person in Charge of Distribution Channel Development of Flooring Company
  • Representative of Flooring Manufacturing Equipment Producer and Supplier
  • Representative of Flooring Raw Materials Producer and Supplier
  • Representative of Online Store
  • Representative of Real Estate Developer
  • Representative of Architecture
  • Representative of Flooring Buyer


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