Wool & Silk Rugs

Erbil Tezcan, Founder and Owner, Wool & Silk Rugs

For a spiritual experience in beautiful wool look no further than Wool & Silk Rugs, an award-winning New Jersey-based rug firm. Artist Erbil Tezcan, who set up the business in 2010, now has numerous Carpet Design Awards under his belt and focuses his efforts on creating designs that exude exciting colour and style, and perfectly express his passion for rugs. 


1. How would you summarize the range or ranges of rugs that your brand produces?

Previously the bulk of our collection was transitional and contemporary but in the past couple of years we have branched out and have added a traditional line, focusing on antique weaving techniques.

2. How would you describe the style behind your brand? What makes it stand out from other brands?

We are known for producing designs with a lot of complexity and vibrancy with regard tocolour. We also have a unique blend of fibres creating a superior texture and finish. We feel the one thing that makes us stand out is that most of our designs are inspired by nature and the idea of living a simple, spiritually true life.

3. Where are your carpets made?

Our carpets are hand knotted in Nepal, India, and Afghanistan.

4. Who designs your rugs and what has been the inspiration behind some of the latest collections?

I design most of our rugs. Recently my son Anka also contributed with a collection all his own. The inspiration behind one of our latest collections was the interpretation of the reflection of lights and how powerful and influential light can be, serving as a metaphor of how we react to situations in our own lives.

5. What is the secret of a successful carpet?

The secret of a successful carpet is to get all of the details perfect, from the subtle nuances of the interplay ofcolour to the precise movement of the design.

6. Which one of your rugs is your favourite and why?

Summit is the artist Erbil’s favorite rug because it was inspired by the love he has for Mount Everest and the beautiful landscapes of the Himalayan Mountains.



Fire & Ice


7. What kind of interior projects have you worked on in the past or are working on now?

We are a wholesale company, so our dealers are the ones who work directly with top designers across the country and internationally.

8. Are your designs already stocked in China or anywhere in Asia? If not how important is it to you that they are in the future?

We would love to find a viable partner to work with in Asia. Currently, we are not engaged with anyone.

9. What new collections are you working on for the future?

We are constantly in the process of designing and finding new sources of inspiration for our designs.