Art Resources

Jack Simantob, Owner/Partner at Art Resources

With headquarters in Los Angeles and a showroom in New Jersey, Art Resources is a successful US-based firm that has been producing high quality rugs for over thirty years. The company is well know for the variety of its production of one of a kind and programmed rugs in styles from traditional through to contemporary. With over 13,000 rugs on offer, the Art Resources user-friendly website is a wonderful design database for the firm's customer base, which is currently in the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia.

1. How would you summarise the range or ranges of rugs that your brand produces?

At Art Resources our ranges cover all areas of design from traditional to transitional and contemporary. We produce rugs in a wide range of styles and materials.

2. How would you describe the style behind your brand? What makes it stand out from other brands?

We always try to make rugs that we like and that are different to other designs we see around us but that also fit well into the market. We design to appeal to a broad range of tastes. All of our designs are displayed on our website and can be easily viewed. This is an important tool for our customers.

3. Where are your carpets made?

India, Pakistan and Afghanistan



4. Who designs your rugs and what has been the inspiration behind some of the latest collections?

I design the rugs and my inspiration comes from many different sources, as our designs are very varied.

5. What is the secret of a successful carpet?

It is a combination of several elements such quality and correct color combinations but it also depends very much on market trends.

6. Which one of your rugs is your favourite and why?

The Waterfall rug we are bringing to Shanghai is one of our favorites and is very popular. It has a great energy to it that I believe many people appreciate.



7. Are your designs already stocked in China or anywhere in Asia? If not how important is it to you that they are in the future?

No our designs are not stocked in Asia yet, which is why we are coming to Domotex Asia. We want to get into Chinese/Asian market as I think our rugs have all the right ingredients to do well here.

8. What new collections are you working on for the future?

We have a number of projects that we are currently working on for the future in different areas of the business. Each project takes around one to two years to complete so it takes some time to develop our ideas.