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202372626-28 July 2023

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Transportation Service

Official Freight Forwarder

The following companies have been appointed as the Official Freight Forwarders for the exhibition. They will be responsible for the shipping, customs clearance and on-site handling of exhibits freights. Shipment schedule, documentation and related matters will be handled directly between the official freight forwarder and exhibitors. Please contact:


APT Showfreight Shanghai Co., Ltd.     (Hall W1-W5)

Tel: 86 (21) 6124 0090

Fax: 86 (21) 6124 0091


Contact:  Mr. Felix Fei


GO-EXPRESS Co., Ltd.      (Hall E1-E11/T1-T13)

Tel: +86 21 65757706-8054

Fax: +86 21 65757716

Mobile: 133621692959


Contact:  Mr. Ryan Xia