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French Collection / Cobble Stone

Dalian Shumaike Floor Manufacturing Co., Ltd

French Collection/Cobble Stone

By virtue of specially developed formulation, controlled in precise proportion by automatic feeding system, raw materials are fed to automatic mixing equipment, extruded by a precise extruder to make bottom materials. With the cooperation of automatic lamination machines, bottom materials are laminated with PVC decor films with registered embossing. No glue is used in the whole process, thus no secondary pollution. Although Luxury Vinyl Tile provides a comfortable feeling to walk on, imperfections from the subfloor transfer from vinyl flooring and can be aesthetically jarring. To address this issue, Rigid board has been manufactured with high rigidity, but the comfort of LVT is lost with ground noise. MPC is a solution to a perfect flooring that agrees with the demand of construction market. MPC not only provides the comfort of LVT with minimal subfloor preparations but also has a better performance of sound insulation with less weight than the rigid board.