Book a Meeting Room

Highlight your brand and products by holding a press conference during the exhibition.To apply and book a meeting room please send an email



The organizer will get in touch with you upon receipt of your application to arrnage the date and exact time of your press conference. The following equipment and services are available upon booking the meeting room: podium, whiteboard, microphones, drinking water, For any additional paid services and equipment please apply in advance.

  • The organizer has the right to adjust the rental period and place of the meeting room.
  • Exhibitors are not allowed to transfer the leasing of the meeting room.
  • The meeting room cannot be used as an exhibition showroom.


Meeting Room A B C D
220-240 292 464
60 people
40-64 people
120-160 people 220 people 320 people
Price First hour 4,000RMB,every hour after the first costs 2,000RMB/h First hour 7,000RMB, every hour after costs 3,500RMB First hour 8,000RMB, every hour after costs 4,000RMB First hour 10,000RMB, every hour after costs 5,000RMB