Chinese Original Carpet Design Show

      Chinese Original Carpet Design Show is a design event launched by DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR. It is dedicated to attract young and talented Chinese designers. The best works will be displayed onsite and will be demonstrated to the carpet industry professionals.

  •  The Event Introduction

As a professional leading exhibition in China carpet industry, Chinese Original Carpet Design Show and China's Carpet Award of Chinese Original Carpet Design are design events organized by DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR and are dedicated to building an original design platform for the Chinese carpet industry. To attract young designers with potentials from all over the world, and to help the judges in the design industry. We will jointly explore new trends in carpet design development, to explore outstanding domestic new design power, to make Chinese carpet design stand out, and to let Chinese carpet design speak to the world and can be seen by the world.


  • Organizers

VNU Exhibitions Asia Pacific Co., Ltd.

Chinese Arts and Crafts Association——Carpet Professional Committee


  • Candidate

Designers, interior designers and other designers engaged in carpet design. Candidates can be submitted by companies or individuals involved in the creation of the work.


 Free Garden

From Shandong Weihai Hippocampal Carpet Group Co., Ltd.




From Huateng Carpet co., Ltd.



Iron Man      

The Snow of Pine 

From Zhejiang Arts Carpet Manufacturing co., Ltd.




Interested, Unbounded, Extended 

From Zhejiang Dongfang Xingyue Carpet Industry Co., Ltd.



Spring and Autumn

From Beijing Yingtai Hongye Household Products Co., Ltd.



Dancing Flowers

 From Henan Lailong Carpet Co., Ltd.