Interview with Mr.Geert Vanden Bossche, Marketing Director of BALTA GROUP


1. What is BALTA GROUP main business and what are your current plans in the Asia-Pacific market? 

The Balta Group is producing wall-to-wall carpet and carpet tiles for residential & commercial use and technical non-wovens.More than 95% is exported worldwide.It is part of our strategy to develop markets. The opening of a new sales office in Singapore for modulyss® (commercial carpet tiles) to develop the Asian-Pacific region is a proof of that.






                  Balta Head Office


2. What is your general opinion on the international carpet manufacturers doing business in China? Is it still a market with huge potential? What are the main challenges in doing business in China?

The potential is there mainly on the commercial market. The main challenge is finding the right partners and importers. 


3. Are there any other countries or areas in the Asian region that are becoming attractive for European carpet manufacturers? 

Countries like Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and the Philippines are certainly becoming more important.


Balta Rugs


4. BALTA GROUP has been participating regularly at the show for a long time now. What makes you come back every year? How do you think this platform helps Balta Group do business in China and APAC? 

Strategically it is important for us, as the leading European manufacturer of textile floorcoverings, to attend the show every year.In a short period of time we can meet with our existing and new potential customers.It also allows us to support our local partner distributors.The show attracts trade visitors not only from China but from the whole Far-East region.



5. Are there any innovative ideas / products that you will be bringing / launching during DOMOTEX asia 2017 which you would like to let the visitors know?

Besides new innovations in our Balta Rug collection, we will be showing new developments in our modulyss® carpet tile offer for offices and show our flexibility in bespoke chromojet printed wall-to-wall carpet, in our commercial arc edition® brand for the hospitality sector.

Arc Edition


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