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International Visitor Application for Health Code


Because of COVID-19, citizens are required to show health code when they return to work, take bus, enter the community and supermarket, and other public places. Therefore, foreigners are also required to show their health code. Please refer to the following procedures for foreigners' applying for health code.


1. You should first complete identity verification in the following page in Alipay before getting your Shanghai QR code.

2. There are two ways to get your Shanghai QR code.

(1) Use Alipay to scan the following QR code.

(2) Or, after verifying your identity in Alipay, search for “Sui Shen Ban” (meaning: Shanghai Public Services Online), and enter the mini program.

3. Click on “Shanghai QR Code”, and the system will generate your code after big data analysis.

4. If you have any questions about the application or the accuracy of your Shanghai QR code, click on “Feedback” at the bottom to leave your message.