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Pre-registration Guideline


DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR 2020, is set to implement several safety measures to both comply with local authorities’ requests and to ensure a safe show for all. In this regard, the visitor registration forms must record all registrants’ identification and contact details in order to verify and track their health condition. 

Please follow the guideline to pre-register:


Fill in your name and email address to register.


Complete your basic information.


Complete the questionnaire.


Proceed to verify your identity. Fill in your full name and ID number. All information must match your ID.


Select visit date, up to 2 days.


You will receive a Confirmation Letter. Please print this page or save a copy in your phone for entry.


* All personnel entering the venue must have their own “Green Health Code”. Please register for the health code in advance.

* Please bring your ID or passport with you (Phone Photos or Scan Copies shall NOT be accepted) for entry to the venue. ID and passport information must match with pre-registered data.

* Infrared body scanner and temperature checking shall be enforced to ensure all that enters the venue have a normal temperature. All persons inside the venue must always wear a facemask.

(The above three conditions must all be met before allowed inside the venue).

The exhibition is for professional / invitees only. No one under the age of 18 is allowed.

We hope to see you at the exhibition!