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Exhibitor New Product -Resilient


Exhibitor New Product – June 2023


Jiangsu Zhengyoung Flooring Decoration Material Co.,Ltd, which mainly produces flooring of new materials, a variety of high-quality PVC, WPC, SPC flooring products of various types, such as imitation wood grain, stone grain, etc. There are a number of modern production lines, the monthly production capacity can reach 800 standard containers, almost 1.6 million square meters of monthly production capacity. Through the steady development in recent years, the company's performance has been constantly creating new highs.
宣传23.jpgWPC floor is soft in texture, so it has good elasticity. It has good elastic recovery under the impact of heavy objects. At the same time, PVC floor has strong impact resistance, and it has strong elastic recovery for heavy impact damage without damage.


SPC Vinyl Flooring stands for Stone Polymer Composite vinyl flooring. Similar to WPC vinyl, SPC vinyl is an engineered luxury vinyl that combines limestone and stabilizers to create an extremely durable core. SPC vinyl floor is still 100% waterproof, but adds more stability and dent resistance to the structure of vinyl plank flooring.

Vivaturf is a leading solution provider specializes in R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service for sports and landscaping artificial turf and related products.

This Landscaping grass is our new multi directional grass in 2022, the yarn is very natural, good resilience and beautiful colors in 4 tones mixture of greens and a green & brown curly roots, there are 6F KDK curly and 12Fcurly give very big support for the straight yarn, this makes the grass look in non direction and very natural.

Jilin Province Tianyu Magnesium New Material Co., Ltd. was founded in 2019 located in Baishan city, Jilin province. It is a highly professional and potential enterprise with an area of about 15000 square meters factory and more than 100 employees, specializing in flooring R&D, production and sales. We own highly advanced flooring R&D labs and many professional consultants, manufacturing V-SPC flooring, SPC flooring, SPC wallboard, etc. We have a complete quality management system strictly controlling flooring R&D, production and sales. 

The V-SPC flooring is a new product developed on the basis of the SPC flooring. V-SPC flooring is on the base of SPC flooring to cover all kinds of wood veneer, using gluing technology and UV lacquered. 

The main raw materials of our V-SPC flooring contain magnesium, accounting for about 22.8%, and the color is natural red, while ordinary V-SPC flooring does not contain magnesium.

Nan Jing Mgm Nwe Materials Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing SPC/Rigid Vinyl Flooring, WPC Flooring, LVT and Laminate Flooring. The factory is located in Lishui District, Nanjing city, Jiangsu Province, China. We are one of vendors of Canadian Costco, Walmart,   Homedepot and Germany Bauhaus and Hagebau at present.

Regular SPC with natural bevel: The most authentic wood feeling, easier to clean and maintain. 

We improved the production mold to make the bevel edge more natural and attractive.

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DOMOTEX HANNOVER (11-14th January 2024) is the world’s leading floor covering trade show. Deutsche Messe AG Hannover organizes the show.

DOMOTEX asia/CHINAFLOOR (26-28th July 2023 in Shanghai) is the largest international flooring show in the Asia-Pacific region. VNU Exhibitions Asia, Build Your Dream and Hannover Milano Fairs Shanghai, a subsidiary of Deutsche Messe, jointly organize the show.

DOMOTEX Turkey (10-13th July 2023 in Gaziantep) serves the Turkish and Middle Eastern markets. Hannover Messe International Istanbul, a subsidiary of Deutsche, organizes the show.